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The measure of any enterprise or institution is not what it says about itself, but what others say about it, and whether they choose to affiliate with it – as employees, as clients, as investors, as neighbors, as fellow global citizens

Tokunbo Orimobi is committed to ethics that respect the interests of stakeholders and recognize the importance of the community.

We adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and continually communicate and train all of our lawyers and employees in ethics and professional responsibility.

We have always had the Corporate Social Responsibility team within our Client Services and Branding department but from inception, it has been targeted towards catering for the material needs of the less privileged. Periodically, we visit orphanages, old people’s homes, homes for the disabled, with food and clothing items. We have also donated electrical appliances like industrial standing fans to some government schools. In 2016, we introduced our Corporate Social Responsibility Project – which comprises our Internship Programme; Pro Bono Initiative – Partnership with Girls’s Aide Initiative; Tokunbo Orimobi Life-After-School Series; Tokunbo Orimobi Strategic-Business-Support Series; Community Volunteering – to ensure we fulfill our responsibilities to the global community with the greatest possible impact.

In 2004, the Firm was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria as Capital Market Solicitors. The Firm also has accreditation with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

In 2012, the Firm opened branches in Ibadan and Abuja. In 2014, Tokunbo Orimobi initiated concrete steps to becoming a global law firm (with London and New York being the first set of proposed international offices). In 2016, the Firm launched in London and New York with full commercial operations to begin in January 2017.

Currently, the Firm is listed with the International Financial Law Review (IFLR1000) as one of the world’s leading financial law firms and has the status of a “Recommended Firm” with the IFLR1000.


Tokunbo Orimobi offers undergraduates and graduates an opportunity to work for a period of time. Unlike conventional employment, internships have an emphasis on training and it is usually a period of practical experience valuable to students or graduates as a means to allowing them experience how their studies are applied in the “real world”.


We have formalized projects that allow us to maximize impact while still encouraging our lawyers and operations staff to find individual cases and issues of importance to them. The guiding purpose is to use our resources to attack systemic problems.
Through our pro bono program, we not only help individuals to rebuild and restore their lives, we help to foster the industries and organizations that address the underlying issues and challenges. To further demonstrate this passion, we have partnered with an NGO, Girl’s Aide Initiative as their Legal Adviser.

Some of the areas we cover under our Pro-bono scheme are:

  • Adoptions
  • Anti-Poverty and Economic Development Initiatives
  • Eviction Defense
  • Indigent Criminal Defense
  • Not-for-Profit and Charitable Organizations
  • Prisoner’s Rights

In addition to donating time, the firm regularly makes financial contributions to public and legal services organizations, and is among the few law firms to integrate charitable giving and the pro bono program into its core business.


We have heard the cliché saying that a student’s life begins after college graduation. While there is a touch of truth in this, the greater truth is that your life has already begun (literally — it began when you were born). Graduation simply marks your next phase of growth.

So beyond polishing your resume and LinkedIn profile, reconnecting with your network and building those final college memories, how else can one prepare for graduation?

Tokunbo Orimobi’s concern for the quality of graduates that universities churn out in recent times led to this initiative. It is an informal platform that helps groom university undergraduates (especially those in their final years) and prepare them for the corporate world. Issues such as Loyalty, Assertiveness, Diplomacy, Respect for Constituted Authority, Handling Politics in the Work Place, Handling Criticisms and other soft issues, are discussed.


For us, entrepreneurship is beyond being fired up with passion for starting businesses, it is all about being well equipped to build successful businesses.

In partnership with some SME bodies, Finance and Consulting firms, Tokunbo Orimobi organizes periodic Business Seminars across the country, to equip entrepreneurs, CEOs, MDs and other decision makers in organizations. Whilst impacting them with business skills, a thorough correction process is carried out for their business models, legal, structural and otherwise.


Our lawyers and staff participate in community service activities around the country, often partnering with both public interest and private corporate clients in a variety of activities.

One of the crucial ways we fulfill our social responsibility is through supporting education and health related programs and organizations. These include mentoring, and clean-up initiatives in schools in Lagos, participation in programs to create awareness and raise funds for the sick and elderly.