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Our Transaction team, which is a colossus of intellectual power and prowess, comprises of highly skilled Solicitors who have strong academic background and practical experience in Investment Banking, Finance and Accounting. In other words, when clients engage our Transactions Practice as Advisers on any deal, we would provide highest quality legal advisory services that is an admixture of the Law and bespoke Investment Banking, Finance and Accounting. Our approach to advisory is a holistic one, hence our preference for recruiting hybrid transaction advisers- i.e. Lawyers that possess pristine legal expertise and knowledge and/or experience in other related professional fields such as Finance.

Our TP acts as solution providers to all our clients and they rely on us for direction and guidance on all their simple, complex and convoluted transactions. Our clients’ highs are our highs and their lows are our lows, thus making client satisfaction our major watchword. This has always been our modus operandi in our TP and that is why we have attained a somewhat indispensable status with our esteemed clients.

We offer bespoke highest quality advisory services on transactions bordering on: