Our Global Chairman was a speaker on the Panel that discussed ‘Visibility As A Tool For Law Firm Viability’ at The Business of Law Conference 2.0 which took place on January 28, 2020.

During the session, he noted that Capital is the most essential tool for Law Firm visibility. The reason for his conclusion lies in the fact that “it takes money to make money”. He stated that we cannot overlook the fact that Law Firms in Nigeria do not have enough capital to maintain human capital and fund their OPEX. We cannot compete with other sectors for human capital retention, visibility etc due to lack of access to capital. We need to fix this problem as a profession. Law Firms need to be able to raise cheaper liabilities to fund CAPEX and OPEX.

He reiterated that the legal business in Nigeria is quite saturated and to be distinguished from others, Law Firms need to think outside the box. This, Tokunbo Orimobi LP has been able to do with its international outlook – 10 offices in 7 countries.

We must commend the organizers of #TBOLC2020 for a fantastic job.

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