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We are dedicated to handling the unique needs of high net worth clients and their families, providing comprehensive asset and wealth management, fiduciary and trust services. Our all-encompassing services include:

  • Wills, Trusts, Probate & Administration of Estate
  • Asset Protection and Administration; We can assist with setting up structures limiting personal liability by taking advantage of neutral/favourable regimes in various jurisdictions and subsequently providing management and administration services to these structures
  • Estate Planning; Tokunbo Orimobi ensures that your assets are protected and shared with persons selected by you. We ensure that your wealth is sheltered and transferred to the next generation in a tax effective manner
  • Wealth Management; Tokunbo Orimobi undertakes due diligence for clients on suitable investment opportunities across the world and provide opinions in relation thereto. We also assist with issues surrounding family governance and planning for future generation. When structuring our clients’ assets, we use a wide range of vehicles – including trusts, orphan companies, foundations, insurance and corporate vehicles
  • Tax Haven Advisory; We are very active and skilled in transactions, corporate restructuring deals, estate planning activities etc involving tax havens.